I have been reading a lot about the principles of Time Management and how to apply it to my life. So much of it involves segmenting your day and spending your time faithfully to the tasks with the highest priority and urgency.

But what if what you’re working on, is not what you WANT to be working on? (Say that 3 times fast). What should you do then?

One of the challenges for me in starting this website was the fact that as I work towards it becoming my primary career, it currently is not. While a lot of new age books and philosophies would have us discard it all and just believe that the universe will provide, for most of us, while this sounds great in theory, we believe it just is not practical. With mortgages, expenses and just plain wanting to eat, the idea of ditching a paying job to follow our passion seems too out there.

Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.
~ H. Jackson Brown

So unless you have a rich benefactor who will sponsor you as you progress on your new path, like most of us you have to find the time after “work” to live your passion. But with travel to and from work, making dinner, eating, dishes, cleaning etc. there seems to be not enough time in the day to get it all done.

Your Passion Awaits
The truth is though, as Workopolis.com says “Your passion awaits”, so you must break the goals down into small manageable sizes that fits into the time you CAN allocate. Come on let’s face it, you must have 15 minutes to devote to your passion. If you don’t then I challenge you to convince me that the goals you selected are your passion.

Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.
– Author Unknown

Come on, you say, 15 minutes, how much can I really accomplish in that bit of time? While I agree 15 hours is much better, the sheer act of spending even that miniscule time will keep your passion alive and hopefully ignite it to a burning flame so that you motivated to spend even more time on it.

The problem for most of us that are working in our alternate job, is that as the day progresses, our goals lose focus. By the time the evening comes around, we have seldom thought about them, let alone done anything about them. So when we get home, after we have eaten, worked out and gotten ready for bed, the last thing we want to do is more “work”.

Passion does not equal work
I think most of us would agree that if we are following our passion, then it really doesn’t feel like work. Again, if it does, then rethink your passion! So if it is not work then some part of you must be willing to spend 15 minutes on it.

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. ~Harold Whitman

10 ways to find 15 minutes
Ok, so where do I find the 15 minutes in your “busy” schedule? Here are 10 ways I did it:

  1. Study your passion for 15 minutes during your lunch break
  2. Study your passion for 15 minutes or more on the way to or from work (CD audio, MP3)
  3. Get up 15 minutes earlier
  4. Turn off the TV during commercial breaks and study your passion. A typical hour long television show only has 30-35 minutes of actual show anyway.
  5. Better yet, turn off the TV period and study your passion. That’s a whole hour.
  6. Go to bed 15 minutes later
  7. Listen to a CD or MP3 while cooking or preparing food
  8. Listen to a CD or MP3 while eating dinner (if your family agrees)
  9. Take your 15 minute break at work and find an empty meeting room to study or research your passion
  10. Think about your passion for 15 minutes as your get showered and dressed for work.

As you can see there are unlimited ways to finding 15 minutes. The question is “Are you committed to doing so?”.

Just a word of advice, keep a notebook or way to record your thoughts handy so you can write down any ingenious ideas for later analysis.

One way to keep you motivated to keep creating those 15 minutes is to consistently review your goals during the day. By doing so, you not only reinforce your desires, but you also have a focus on which to apply those 15 minutes.

Will 15 minutes lead you to fame and fortune? Maybe. Maybe not. But doing nothing most certainly will not.

And again for all of you who don’t believe you have 15 minutes, think again, it my have took you 15 minutes to find and read this article

Toni Turner on Goals

Title: A Beginner’s Guide to
Short-Term Trading

Author: Toni Turner
Format: Softcover
Length: 320 pages
Website: www.toniturner.com
Rating: ★★★★★

Toni Turner is a successful stock trader, investor and author such as the book you see here and “Short-Term Trading in the New Stock Market”. She is also the president of TrendStar Trading Group Inc.

Ok, I know what your thinking, wisdom from a book on stock trading? I understand your confusion because I too thought it would be the last place I would find such wisdom. However, lately I noticed that more and more books on many diverse subjects are including passages about self-development and confidence such as the book on Speed Reading I am also reading. But that is for another blog.

Since I talked alot about how to find 15 minutes in your schedule, I will use Toni’s wisdom to remind us why.

Commit: Convert Your Dreams into Goals
“Nothing jump starts our roadway to success faster than making a solid commitment to our goals. When we commit ourselves to a desired result, we program ourselves to “lock on,” much the same way a missile is programmed to lock on to a target. Then, magically it seems, we proceed on “automatic pilot.” Our brain gives us the strategic actions to pursue the target, no matter how it tries to elude us.

Without a firm commitment to a goal, our autopilot remains in the “off” position; no basis exists for programming or locking on to a target. Perhaps only a hazy idea meanders in and out of our consciousness. Vague ideas and dreams beget vague results.

The act of commitment, however, empowers us to reach into our store of abilities and bring unused talents into our present-day experience.

We may also discover that we can cancel previous beliefs we had about our assumed lack of talent and ability…

The act of commitment programs us to attract new opportunities. When we make a firm commmitment, things start happening. Suddenly when we know and declare that we will achieve a certain outcome and adopt it as a fact, all sorts of opportunities start appearing in our lives.

Each time we make a new positive commitment, we choose to begin a new experience. Suddenly, what we imagined to be a dream becomes a tangible goal, and soon transforms into an exciting new reality!

Make Your Circle Bigger
“As humans, our goal is to reach our highest potential. We are programmed to strive for excellence. Once we believe in ourselves, our goals are within our grasp.

Picture yourself as the center of a circle. Within the space between you and the circle’s circumference is your world, meaning your friends, family, experiences, value systems, career, even level of health.

Beyond that circle are the places you’ve never visited, experiences you’ve never had, belief systems you can’t envision, knowledge you haven’t learned, points of view you’ve never encountered. Also drifting outside your circle are the wonderful talents you don’t realize you have, and the “distant” parts of yourself you never explored.

Outside the circle there are no guarantees. Indeed, this zone appears as a faraway land we gaze at and refer to as “Someday.” “Someday I’ll write the book.” “Someday I’ll learn to speak German.” “Someday I’ll go to Europe.” “Someday I’ll tell her how much I love her.”

Think of all the people we honor as geniuses, people who have excelled and given spectacularly to the world. They ventured outside their circles and stepped into the unknown: Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi…Steven Spielberg, and Bill Gates to name a few. All left the safety of the “known” to journey into the unknown.

In order to grasp all the joy life has to offer, we have to open ourselves to new experiences. We must go to the edge of our circles and step boldly through the boundaries in order to create new and bigger personal worlds. The larger our “circles,” and the more courageously we strive to stretch and extend them, the more we are filled with satisfaction, happiness and success!

The Final Analysis
Everyone has a passion. Maybe yours has been hidden a long time and is just waiting to be released. Maybe you know what your passionate about but are frustrated because you never seem to have time for it. Fifteen minutes. You have that, I am sure. Do you really want to let yet another day go by without doing something?

Key Points to Remember:

  • 15 minutes can be found very easily
  • 15 minutes may seem hard at first, but soon you will wonder why you even thought that
  • If you’re not worth fifteen minutes, then you have to ask yourself “why not?”
  • You can do it, just believe again

Affirmation: I will find at least 15 minutes to devote to me and my passion.

Affirmation: My dreams are valid and worthy and I will find a way to fulfill them.